Why this website is named “foodgasmm” ?

Foodgasm basically means pleasure or feeling of satisfaction after consuming particularly amazing and delicious food . The food consumer either has some serious taste buds attraction towards a dish or a cuisine .The person gets so excited towards eating that foods that he/she practically orgasms marked by various vocal noises and facial expressions .  

what does “m”  in foodgasmm signifies ? 

The extra “M” in foodgasmm signifies foodgasmm to its maximum level. Special emphasis on “M” is given to hint about page’s capability to provide information about mouth watering dishes or cuisines well fitted to your taste buds. 



This blog has been built with the purpose of providing reviews of different restaurants, ice-cream parlours, cafes, street food corners and many popular food stops around the globe.

When food is “bae”, we can’t resist the eager to search for new recipes, restaurants, for some quirky and yum food. So, here we are to help the food lovers with the list of most amazing food corners.

From Indian butter naan to Mexican tacos, from Chinese noodles to Italian spaghetti, from Japanese dim-sums to Nepali momos, from Thai mango sticky rice to American blue berry cheese cake , from Natural’s tender coconut ice cream to Belgian chocolate and from many to many will be presented before you by foodgasmm.  

Since my childhood, I was very much pleased by my enthusiastic taste-buds. And in 2020, this finally urged me to build my own food blog “Foodgasmm”.

We travel from one street to another in search of various food hotspots so that we can provide you with authentic reviews and specialities of different food-joints. We provide you with restaurant reviews in terms of food quality, ambience, service, prices, anything that makes the eateries stand out positively or negatively. 

Our blog focuses on providing you with 1000+ articles on Food & Food Inns. We wish to lighten your stress and loosen your shoulders with the heavy-weight of deciding on which Food corner to visit by serving you with best of ratings.

If you are out there for looking to have a nice meal at a restaurant or prepare some exotic dishes or travel to a place where there is good food, then you can seek guidance from our website and get a touch of “foodie experience”.